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How it works

Unlock Limitless Design Possibilities with a Minty Unlimited Effortless Workflow.

1. Create Design Projects

Submit as many job requests as needed. We'll promptly begin working on your projects, ordered by priority.

2. Review Drafts

Receive designs within days, with unlimited revisions until perfection, ensuring your vision comes to life.

3. Download Your Designs

Once satisfied, your designs are ready for download. Experience the simplicity of our streamlined design process.

Your Portal to Effortless Design

Streamline your design collaboration with our intuitive portal. Submitting requests is easy, and reviewing drafts is organized and straightforward. Stay connected in real-time for seamless communication with our designers.


Our revision process allows hassle-free adjustments and visual progress tracking. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency in your design journey, making project management as easy as the creative process.


File Sharing

Total Design
Freedom with Canva

Membership Benefits

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Fast Turnaround

Enjoy prompt delivery of your designs, with an average turnaround time of 2-3 days, ensuring efficiency in meeting your creative needs.

Ownership of Files

Retain 100% ownership of all original source files created for your projects, providing you with control over your creative assets.


No unexpected surprises! Enjoy the stability of paying the same fixed amount every month.

Dedicated Human Support

Access a committed Project Manager who ensures the smooth delivery of design projects, offering personalized assistance and guidance.

Seamless Communication

Experience hassle-free communication through our portal, facilitating direct interaction with your design specialist.

Annual Wix Premium Membership

Receive an annual Wix Premium Membership as a bonus, offering enhanced features and benefits for your online presence.

Unlimited Designs

Experience the luxury of unlimited designs, catered to your needs, one at a time—ensuring each project receives the attention and creativity it deserves.

Unlimited Team Members

Add as many team members as needed to the project submission/approval board, fostering collaboration and ensuring effective project management.

Editable Canva Files

Request and receive open Canva files for your designs, enabling customization within the Canva platform as needed.

Design Services

Unlock your brand's potential with our versatile design services, covering everything from logos and websites to compelling marketing collateral.